BREAKING: The ‘secret’ list of the BBC 28 is now public – let’s call it ‘TwentyEightGate’

Other References:

Revealed: who decides the BBC’s climate change policy” by Sebastian Payne, The Spectator, November 13, 2012.:

Another BBC scandal: hiding their climate change agenda” by Sebastian Payne, The Spectator, November 11, 2012.:

Are these the BBC’s ‘best scientific experts’?” Harmless Sky, November 13, 2012. Also please see “How this blog (Harmless Sky) got its name.“:

28 Gates Later…the BBC’s nightmare gets worse and worse!” by James Delingpole, The Telegraph, November 13, 2012.:

BBC secret exposed: Greenpeace,activists, BP decide what ‘science’ Brits see — Hello TwentyEightGate” JoNova, November 14, 2012.

Watts Up With That?

UPDATES ARE CONTINUOUSLY BEING ADDED at the end of this story. Check below.

WUWT readers may recall this post last week:

The Secret 28 Who Made BBC ‘Green’ Will Not Be Named

The BBC pits six lawyers against one questioning blogger, Tony Newbery of Harmless Sky, who was making an FOI request for the 28 names. In the process, the judge demonstrates he has partisan views on climate change.

Now, thanks to the Wayback machine and Maurizio Morabito (omnologos) we can now read the list that the BBC fought to keep secret. [Damn those mischevious bloggers 😉 ]

This list has been obtained legally. (link to Wayback document.) My heartiest congratulations to Maurizo for his excellent sleuthing!

Maurizo writes: This is for Tony, Andrew, Benny, Barry and for all of us Harmless Davids.

The list from: January 26th 2006, BBC Television Centre, London

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